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What is indoor field hockey and why play?


Indoor hockey is a smaller version of the outside hockey game. There are 5 field players and 1 goalie on the court at one time. The games are usually 20-25 minutes long. Games are played on a court-like surface (44m x 22m). Indoor hockey allows the athlete to improve their footwork and stick skills. The small surface space requires quick ball handling and footwork, which can is turn beneficial in one’s outdoor hockey game. Indoor requires the athlete to have good field awareness, vision, and ability to control the game.

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What can I expect if I make the team?


Practices are held once a week on Sundays, with tournaments on Saturdays or Sundays. Athletes are expected to be at all practices and must notify a coach prior to practice if they will not be present. Teams will play a minimum of 4 tournaments and are required to show up for the tournaments they sign up for. Major tournaments are the NITs, Hockey Festival, and Disney Showcase (all age groups).Teams must qualify for the NITs (U16 & U19), therefore representation is not guaranteed. U12 and U14 attend the Junior Disney Showcase during the month of July. Planning for this will start [...]

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What are the yearly club fees?


U12 and U14: $365 U16 and U19: $450 winter U16 and U19: $250 spring (optional) *tournaments all have an additional signup/registration fee attached All payments can be made to: Reach Field Hockey 6037 Majors Lane; #6 Columbia, MD 21045

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How are player selections made?


Many areas of the total athlete are evaluated including: attitude, coach-ability, individual skills, knowledge of the game, field awareness, individual desire and motivation, and overall fit with the team.

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How many players per team?


We like to keep the teams fairly small with 6-8 field players on a team. U12 and U14 teams will have 8-9 players on a team. The small teams are designed to give players more time on the court as well as the opportunity to improve overall fitness.

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How are teams decided?


Player make up on a team will vary depending on the overall skill level in each age group. If there is less disparity of skill level (strong to weak), teams will be mixed and players moved around more often. If there is an obvious disparity in skill level, teams will likely be set and players will play with that team throughout the year. Athletes can move from one team to another at any moment depending on the needs of the team/club. The expectation is that athletes will play on any team without hesitation and put forth their best effort. The team [...]

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Do I have to join US Field Hockey as a member if I make the team?


Yes. If you are new to club field hockey and have never been on a club team, you will likely be joining US Field Hockey for the first time. Log onto: and go to the “member” tab at the top. Follow the instructions for joining. If you have been on a club team before or participated in any US Field Hockey sanctioned events or tournaments, you are likely a member already. If you are uncertain, contact US Field Hockey to find out.

Do I have to join US Field Hockey as a member if I make the team?2018-01-16T18:38:44-05:00

What is “Club Affiliation”?


As a member of a field hockey club team, athletes must affiliate, or state that they belong to a particular club. This is a requirement of US Field Hockey and is necessary to participate in sanctioned tournaments. If you are new to Reach FHC and have never been on another club team, you simply state that Reach FHC is your club team when you sign up to join US Field Hockey. If you are leaving a club to join Reach, you have to change your club affiliation during ‘open enrollment’. Open enrollment starts on August 1 and ends September 15. Players [...]

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What is “Futures?”


“Futures” is a program run by US Field Hockey for middle and high school athletes. U12, U14, and U16 players are very strongly urged to participate in this program as it is a good way to advance fundamental skills. Go to: for more information.

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