Remote learning will be an enormous part of our learning platform. DACS has incorporated Digital days as well as Hybrid days. Digital Days refers those days when students are not on campus. They are doing all of their lessons digitally. Hybrid Days refer to the days when the students spend part of their time at home and learning through Zoom while other classmates are in school. A schedule is created to tell when students are at home and when they are in class.

Topics that address Remote Learning are:

  • Teacher Instructional Expectations
  • Curricular Expectations
  • Grading Expectations
  • Implemented Technology
  • Differentiation of Instruction

In case of hybrid or digital days there are very important guidelines that must be adhered to in order for the class to be successful. They are:

  • All student videos should be turned on.
  • Students may NOT scribble on the screen.
  • Students must be dress in a uniform top during learning sessions.
  • Computers must remain stationary at all times.
  • Do not take the computer into the bathroom.
  • Students must have a designated place in the home to work.
  • Absolutely no pajamas during lesson.
  • Students may not be in or on the bed during the lesson.
  • All mics on Zoom must be muted unless instructed by the teacher to do otherwise.
  • Attendance will be taken daily, students are expected to be on time for class.
  • All assignments must be completed in a timely manner.
  • Students are to behave as if there were in the classroom.
  • No eating during lessons.
  • Students must raise their hand and ask for permission to leave class session.
  • Each teacher will have a set of online rules that must be followed.
  • When computers are turned in your home so are cameras. Please be mindful as to what you are showing us in the background.

Is there a different cost for Hybrid and Digital Days?

There will be no tuition change for Hybrid Days. If a family chose to keep their child home for the first quarter then there will not be a change in tuition. COVID has had an adverse effect on our school, therefore a reduction in cost is not viable at this time.

Connecting to My Child’s Class

  • All assignments are posted Google Classroom. Each child has a their own login information. If you are unable to access your child’s Google Classroom account contact Ms. Green at

  • Links to the various classes with the password that was emailed for our online/remote classes are as follows:

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