Our classroom is Intentionally GREAT!  We strive every day to provide a God-centered haven of creative discovery, spiritual growth, social/emotional development and academic achievement. 



During the first few weeks of school,  benchmark math and literacy assessments are given which will allow us to create individualized learning goals for each student.This allows us identify if there are skills, concepts, or standards that need to be remediated or accelerated.
Research shows us that students who are placed (forced) into a group or textbook based solely on age/grade, rather than instructional level, will not make up deficits, and will progress slowly, if at all.  Instead, students often become frustrated/bored and lose motivation–they basically “shut down” to the learning process and often begin exhibiting behavior issues.
The same thing applies to students who are academically advanced, who, instead of being challenged, are arbitrarily placed in a group/textbook based on their age/grade level.
Students who are placed properly, regardless of age or grade, will progress—and achieve their goals much more quickly.

At DACS, we balance high expectations with a warm, supportive environment to motivate ALL students to meet their goals!


Praise & Worship

Here is a collection of videos that we all participate in. We love to start our day praising our Lord and Savior!

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