NAD Standards by Subject Area & Strand

Elementary Standards — what learners should know (content) and be able to do (skills), serve as the framework for curriculum development. Standards in NAD Seventh-day Adventist schools reflect the Adventist worldview across the K-12 curricula as well as the integration of national and provincial/state standards.

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Elementary Curriculum Standards

NAD Math Overview K-8

Recently the North American Division implemented some big changes into our math curriculum. Teachers have been working this into classroom routines, often with ease but sometimes with difficulty. Our concerns have been heard. The NAD Office of Education asked classroom teachers from across the division to help answer some of our questions and provide support for us. Together, we studied the issues and gathered resources that will help all of us lead our students to become “thinkers rather than mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts”.

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Math K8

NAD Pathways Language Arts Overview K-8

Where you will find scores of resources to successfully implement the new North American Division integrated language arts program.

Pathways is a faith-based integrated literacy program that includes:

• Reading

• Writing

• Spelling

• Handwriting

• Word Study

• Phonics

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

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NAD Pathways Language Arts Overview K-8

The new NAD Kindergarten Stepping Stones program is based on the belief that kindergarten is a stepping stone between home, early childhood education, and the primary grades of school.

The program recognizes that young ones are created in God’s image and must be nurtured to think, learn, choose, and grow.

It is responsive to individual differences in developmental stages, abilities, and interests.

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Stepping Stones

By Design Our Science Program

ByDesign is built on a foundation of inquiry that encourages wonderment, questioning, collaboration, and exploration of multiple resources to conduct research and investigations.

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Adventist Education by Design

GoMath! our K-5 math program

PreK math programs help first-time students build key foundational skills such as number recognition, counting, and analyzing patterns.

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GoMath! our K-5 math program

Big Ideas, Our 6-8 Math Program

How can teachers build mathematically powerful students who can solve real-life problems, communicate their understanding to others, and perform well on standardized achievement tests? This book provides teachers a proven model for ‘balancing’ computational skills with conceptual understanding and problem-solving activities in their mathematics instruction. This model is used successfully with any math program already in place.
This book outlines the 5‑step model:

  • 1. Math Review
  • 2. Conceptual Understanding
  • 3. Problem-Solving and Math Application
  • 4. Mastery of Math Facts
  • 5. Common Formative Assessment

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GoMath! our K-5 math program

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